Carbon Centric Biochar Laitue
Biochar is made from pyrolysed organic matter with a high carbon content, that is very stable over time. The properties give it great potential for use in agriculture and construction […]
Vigne Biochar
Biochar has numerous usages in agriculture; whether it is increasing soil moisture, reducing nutrient leaching or stimulating microbial life. We invite you to learn more about what biochar is, how […]
Biochar Chêne entier
Reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions is essential in the fight against climate change. Carbon offsetting adds to the challenges of reducing emissions by removing emissions from the atmosphere that cannot […]
Cop26 Txai Surui Amazonie
COP26 has reunited in Glasgow to elaborate on an international agreement aiming to limit climate warming to 2°C. Since this objective was signed in Paris during COP21, nothing seems to […]